We are Bill and Annmarie and this site is all about our adventures.  Well, actually it's about knitting, but since Annmarie brings her knitting everywhere it's also about all of our adventures together.  Annmarie does most of the knitting, but Bill does also know how to knit (he's just on a one project a year schedule).

We previous had a physical location at Western Avenue Studios in Lowell, MA from 2013-2017 (we were Wings & Roots in #331), so if we look familiar that might be where you have seen us before.  

Although we closed up shop (our multiple jobs keep us too busy right now), we hope to reopen our online store at some point in the future. 

Annmarie knits, dyes yarn, spins yarn, and sometimes dabbles into other non-fiber crafts like card and jewelry making and occasionally breaking out the sewing machine (I am "SharpPointyStix" on Ravelry).

Bill cuts wood and burns it (in a decorative, non-campfire like way), makes stamps, stencils, paints, and plays the banjo (and various other instruments).