Finished Deschain

Pattern: Deschain by Leila Raabe
Yarn: Louisa Harding Fauve (this yarn is discontinued I think, so it was a really great deal at @coveted_yarn on the North Shore Yarn Crawl)
Modifications: I knit the front down until it measured half my arm hole measurement. Then I picked up at the shoulders and knit the back down until it was even. I joined and knit in the round the rest of the way. I decided to leave it short sleeves for the summer. This yarn makes it a little on the heavier side, I may make another at some point in a lighter yarn.

Finished Ranger

It still needs buttons and blocking, but I finished knitting @squidisok’s sweater!
Pattern: Ranger by @jared_flood
Yarn: @brooklyntweed Shelter in the “Nest” colorway

I purchased this yarn at @circlestitchesduring the North Shore yarn crawl and because of their buy 5 get one free deal I have an extra skien and a half left. Perhaps Bill will get a matching hat? 🧶

New Hampshire Sheep & Wool 2019

Some times you just want to see some sheep. It has been come a tradition that I take my mom to the New Hampshire Sheep & Wool Festival for Mother’s Day every year. This year I was in full on sick-denial. Allergies? A springtime cold? Who knows. But I wasn’t letting it stop me from going so I took all the allergy/cold medicines and pretended I was fine.

Advent Calendar & ADVENTurer KAL

Last year I enjoyed my knitting themed advent calendar and mystery KAL from Jimmy Bean’s Wool, but I wanted to try something different this year. I ended up ordering an advent set of mini skeins from Fiber for the People and joining Ambah O’Brien’s ADVENTurer KAL. I knit the wrap size version of the pattern.

Here are all my minis (and one full skein on the last day!):

Finished wrap:

Dirty Pouring

To me, “dirty pouring” sounds like it should be a Christina Aguilera song...  However, so many of my friends have been posting pictures of their acrylic pours, and they look so cool, that I wanted to give it a try! 

Here are my first attempts:

And here are Bill’s:

Twizzler Socks (sort of) - AKA Cusack Socks

Modifications: I used the stitch pattern from the pattern, but I knit my own go to toe up sock recipe.

Note: These are my “Cusack Socks” because when I went to see “A Live Conversation with John Cusack” I didn’t want to try to sneak my sweater project into the theater and the shawl project I was working on required too much counting and switching colors (not ideal in the dark). So, I cast on some socks instead!

Ivy Line

Thoughts: I really love how this cardigan came out! The construction was a bit different than any pattern I have knit in the past but the directions were clear. The gathering at the shoulder was a little fiddly with all the increases, but it was manageable.

Modifications: I left out the buttons/button holes (since I figured I’d wear it open over dresses anyway).

A Mom & Me KAL

I took my mom to the NH Sheep & Wool Festival this year and she told me she wanted to get yarn so that we could both knit a shawl together. Having had just recently picked up Lisa Mutch’s Agleam pattern, I suggested we look for yarn to knit that one. We both managed to find yarns that we like, but then decided to wait until school ended for the summer before getting started. Here is a quick summary of our KAL.

My Yarn: Fiber Stash Dyeworks Superwash Merino Worsted in “Whistle Power”


Getting Ready


Cast On






Yarn Chicken Win


Mine Finished


Mom’s Finished

Such a bad blogger...

I just realized it's been more than 6 months since I have posted anything, but I have been knitting!  Actually, I have been knitting quite a bit! 

Here are some of my FOs from the first half of this year:

(click pictures for Ravelry page with pattern/yarn details)

Holiday Hat #2

Since I knit my brother a hat for Christmas, and I have something in progress for my mom, I wanted to also knit something for my Dad.  It didn't seem right to leave him out!  I decided he could use a nice warm hat, so I went looking for a pattern that was pretty classically masculine looking. 

I settled on the pattern One Bourbon by Thea Colman.  I stop by my local yarn store (Hub Mills in Billerica, MA) and picked up a skein of madelintosh Tosh Vintage in the Ceremony colorway.

When I first cast on 112 stitches, it seemed like it was going to be really huge.  There are some notes in the pattern about modifications for size, but I was afraid if I decreased by two pattern repeats that then it would be too small.  So, I panicked and decided just to drop down a bunch of needle sizes (went down to 4-though I do usually have to go down two anyway to get gauge).  I am not sure why I always think I know more than the pattern.  I really should have YOU ARE NOT SMARTER THAN THE PATTERN tattooed on my hand to remind me to JUST FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS!!!  The ribbing is pretty perfect, but the body of the hat itself probably could have been a bit bigger (like it would have been if I had just used the proper needles!).  I think it will fit my dad fine since it fits my head, and Bill's head, after an aggressive blocking.  I do really love the color and stitch definition of this yarn at this gauge, so it wasn't entirely a bad judgment call!

Link to My Ravelry Project Page: One Bourbon / Tosh Vintage

Holiday Hat #1

Back when we had a studio I used to spend all summer and fall getting ready for Holiday Open Studios.  I would knit and knit and knit so that I would have a fully stocked selection of gifts to display for the first two weekends in December.  When we closed the studio this summer I decided to give myself 6 months off.  No knitting for selling, just for me.  I have really stuck with this.  I did do a couple of test knits, but they were patterns that I like and got to keep the end result for myself.

As we started heading into the holiday season this year I realized that for the past 4 years I had been so focused on knitting for the studio that I did not have the time to make handmade gifts for anyone in years!  I did not want to go crazy since it was already the end of November when I decided to do some gift knitting, but I did have a few ideas in mind

First, was a hat for my brother.  I have not knit anything for him in a very long time, and he saw Bill's Christopher Hat this fall and his response was "where's mine?"  I asked what colors he would want, and he said black and camo.  I did knit him a camo hat out of some Red Heart Super Saver back when I was first re-learning to knit (probably about 14ish years ago).  He did wear that hat a lot, even with it being out of terrible yarn, so I think he is deserving of a new hat.  I had a REALLY hard time finding camo yarn though.  I feel like a terrible girlfriend, but I actually ended up stealing yarn that Bill had started knitting himself a hat out of.  He had fallen out of love with the yarn (he didn't realize it was going to look camo knitted up when he bought it, he just liked the colors) and he also had not knit on the hat at all in the past year or so.  Still, I felt terrible!  Thankfully, there is still probably enough left for him to finish his hat if he decides he wants too (or maybe I'll just finish it up for him as a thank you for lending me the yarn!).

I am not actually sure what the camp yarn is.  I am nearly positive that it's by Knit One Crochet Too, but the ball band has long disappeared.  My best guess is that it is Ty-Dy Wool, and then the black is Cascade 220 Superwash.  I think it turned out pretty well, hopefully my brother likes it!   

Link to My Ravelry Project Page: Christopher Hat / Cascade 220