Noro <3

I know it's scratchy and I have pick out veggie matter.  I know there's often one weird color in there that just doesn't quite go with the rest.  It doesn't matter though.  I still love Noro.  I love watching the colors change.  I love not knowing exactly how it is going to look when it's finished. I love the rustic feel and look of it.  You can try to convince me otherwise, but my love for Noro remains.  

The Great Yarn Reorganization Project of Summer 2017!

We have been slowly moving all of our stuff out of the studio and consolidating it all into our loft. One of the first things we carted home was one of those large 4x4 cube bookshelves from IKEA.  I decided this was going to become my new yarn storage shelf.  Previously my yarn was kind of spread out between a bookcase and some bins (plus what was over at the studio).  

Once I started pulling out all my yarn (I kept finding more and more in random places) I began to realize my stash was, um, large.  I mean I knew that I had a lot of yarn, but seeing all out in one place made me realize just how much there was.  And this was after I gave away a few bags full this past winter!!  So, I pulled out some additional skeins to destash (all stuff I was never going to use), and gave it away.  Then I started to arrange it by weight.  I have a good amount of lace weight, a TON of fingering/sock weight, a random assortment of sport, DK, worsted, and a little bulky.  I started pulling out my "sweater stash" (whole sweater amounts in a particular yarn and colorway) and realized that I can probably make myself about 11 sweaters!  

So, here is stage one of my Great Yarn Reorganization Project:

So much yarn...

So much yarn...

Stage Two will be coming soon (hopefully).  I would really like to actually take pictures of all of it and enter in Ravelry so I can actually keep track of what I have and what I use.  It seems a little overwhelming, but I know it will be worth it!