Twizzler Socks (sort of) - AKA Cusack Socks

Modifications: I used the stitch pattern from the pattern, but I knit my own go to toe up sock recipe.

Note: These are my “Cusack Socks” because when I went to see “A Live Conversation with John Cusack” I didn’t want to try to sneak my sweater project into the theater and the shawl project I was working on required too much counting and switching colors (not ideal in the dark). So, I cast on some socks instead!

Vanilla Socks go to Rome!

I always like to have an "on the go" project that I can keep in my purse for those moments in the day where I have some downtime.  These socks were my summer purse project, and then went on some pretty epic adventures with me!  


First, I knit a few rows between sets when I went to see Garbage and Blondie in July.

Then they were my travel project when I went to Rome for 10 days in August.  We also took a mini side trip to Florence for one day while we were there as well, and I knit on the train there and back.

The yarn is a Knit Picks Bare Stroll Fingering Sock Blank.  This is from when I first started dyeing yarn, and it was my first experiment with a sock blank.  They are not my favorite as far as the colors go, but they are warm and squishy so I do enjoy wearing them.   I used Susan Glinert's Fleegle's Toe Up Socks pattern because I like the way the Fleegle Heel fits my foot and it is SUPER simple to knit.  If you haven't tried this pattern, I highly recommend it  I knit my socks two-at-a-time magic loop style because I have serious Second Sock Syndrome and this ensures that I actually end up with a pair of socks!!

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