It's hard to say good bye... but we are on to the next adventure.

Well, the time has come to close up shop...  I'm having a lot of feels about this decision, but ultimately we have to do what makes the most sense for us at this point in our lives.  I'm sad to announce the end of Wings & Roots studio at Western Avenue Studios.  As of June 30th we will be closing the door and saying goodbye to the giant purple chalk wall.  

It breaks my heart a little to give up the space because I feel like it is such a huge part of me and Bill's "origin story."  We met in April of 2013 and started dating in May.  I dragged him to the May Open Studios for one of our very first dates and he like the place so much that by June we had leased our own space.  At the time my apartment was quite small and we intended to use it mainly as a workspace.  As time went on, we moved to a larger loft, and found ourselves not really using the studio as often as we had before. Though we did continue to open for Open Studios, it just didn't make financial sense for us to keep the studio any longer.  We were on the fence last year, but this year we bit the bullet and did not renew our lease.  We both have full-time and part-time jobs, and it was just a bit too much for our mental health.  We were stuck in the cycle of being too busy to use the studio and then feeling guilty that we were not using the studio.  

But, this is not the end of us or our adventures.  We are going to keep doing what we do (minus the guilt about where and when we do it), and we will keep sharing our adventures with you as well!  We have some new ideas and avenues we would like to explore and there will be exciting things coming soon.  In an effort to make a clean break we are abandoning the name "Wings & Roots" and reclaiming my old knitting blog's name "Sharp Pointy Sticks."  You probably already noticed these changes on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  I am recommitting to knitting for me for a while and hopefully reviving my knitting blog that has been on an extended hiatus.  Our Etsy shop remains open (at least for now).  

Thank you Western Ave for a wonderful 4 years!  Here's to the next adventure.