Test Knitting Tuesday?

Not sure if that is a thing, but I'm going to make it one...

As we determined in yesterday's post, I have a LOT of yarn.  I don't mind the fact that I have a large stash, I feel like that is every knitter and yarn-lovers right.  I do feel bad that I have all this lovely yarn that kind of got tucked away and has not been used because I was so focused on buying yarn that was "a good bargain" and knitting mainly for the studio.  Now that we've "closed up shop" so to speak, I've decided to take a break from knitting to sell (though I will happy still take on commissions if you have something specific in mind!).  I'm going to focus on knitting for myself for a bit and enjoying all my lovely yarns that I have purchased over the years!

I wouldn't call this a yarn diet exactly, but I certainly have a plenty of projects queued that I already have the yarn all picked out and purchased for.  If there's something I really want to knit, I won't forbid myself from purchasing yarn for it.  Or if I'm at a festival or special shop and I spot something I love, I am certainly going to allow myself that indulgence (because buying yarn is quite possibly my favorite pastimes ever!).  I do want to start working though my queue though, and make sure yarn that I bought for specific projects does actually get turned into those projects eventually.

I also have lots and lots of single skeins of fingering/sock weight and lace weight yarn.  These I need to start finding projects for.  So, when I saw that Ambah O'Brien was looking for test knitters I jumped at the chance. 

The pattern I tested was Ambah's Nelia Scarf/Wrap.  I knit the smaller size using 1 skein of Done Roving Yarns Frolicking Feet in the "Copper Pennies" colorway.  I can't remember how long I have had this yarn for, but it has definitely been quite a while.  I remember snagging it for 50% off on one of the many yarn crawls I have done.  I was happy to use up this single skein that had been in my stash for a while.  This pattern is now available on Ravelry!