52 Project in a Year? Oh yeah, I've got that!!

So, I was trying to come up with some knitting goals for this year.  One is definitely to finish Bill's Hobbit scarf.  Another is to continue to knit 5 hexipuffs a month for my Beekeeper's Quilt.  

<Insert drum roll here please>  I also just mailed off my check and registration form for Level 1 of the Master Knitter's Program.  I am kind of excited, but also nervous, about trying my hand at that!

Then I saw someone post somewhere (Ravelry? Tumblr? Twitter? I cannot recall who or where!) that they were going to try to complete one knitting project a week for the whole year.  I thought to myself, I should do that!!  So, I decided to go back and count up what I have finished so far this year.  It turns out (not counting hexipuffs because they are tiny and do not count as projects) that I have already knitted 18 things so far this year.  I think that is a pretty good start!  Only 34 more to go to hit my goal!  That, along with the crazy scarf, hexipuffs, and Master Knitting program, should be plenty to keep by needles busy this year!

Here's what I've completed so far: