Snow Days = Extra Productivity

I'm pretty sick of all the snow... I think we all are at this point.  However, I have managed to get a fair amount of knitting done while stuck at home.  I secretly  love snow days.  I love looking out my big window and watching the flakes fall.  I love getting cozy on the couch with my knitting.  I love not being able to go anywhere so there is no pressure to do anything.  Of course, I will feel very differently when it is nearly July and we are still in school because we have to make up all those lovely snow days...

Last week I had snow days on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Those three days I worked on a super secret project that I will reveal at a later date (it's a gift and a surprise, so I don't want to give anything away yet!).

This week I had two more snow days on Monday and Tuesday.  Here is what I did with my extra time at home:

  • All About Love Wrap made with Classic Elite Yarns Magnolia:  This yarn is 30% silk, which gives it a lovely feel and shine.  
  • In Threes Baby Sweater made with something from Knit Picks: This one is a gift.  I am actually not sure what the yarn is.  I know it is from Knit Picks and I have had it in my stash for quite a while.  I think it is a DK weight and has something besides wool in it, I think it might be a touch of angora?
  • Present made with Knit Picks Chroma Worsted:  I picked up two balls of this yarn in two different colorways when it was on sale a few months ago.  This was the perfect pattern to use one of them up.  I really enjoyed knitting with this yarn and it got really soft and cozy feeling after blocking it with some Soak.
  • Schwimmen Hat with Classic Elite Yarns Woodland: I actually just finished this one this morning, so it is still damp in the picture from blocking.  I really like this pattern.  Fun and easy, and also very well written with both line by line directions and charts (I prefer charts, but some people do not like them).  This yarn is interesting too.  Woodland is 65% wool and 35% plant fibers.  The plant fibers are from nettles.  It is considered an eco yarn because "Nettles are a perennial that requires low levels of water and little or no pesticides. Nettle fibers are similar to linen and hemp but produce a softer, silkier fabric. Nettles show color well and when mixed with wool add lightness, minimize shrinkage and are breathable." (from

The dreaded weather people seem to be saying that there is going to be more snow this weekend and early next week.  It seems quite possible that I might have another snow day Monday... I am not complaining, I like the extra knitting time... But we are running on of places to put all this snow!