Finished Object Friday

I managed to finally finish my Spectra.  This one felt like it took a while, but Liberty Wool Light is fingering weight I think (which broke my promise to focus on sport and heavier projects for a while!).  Still, it is done and I quite happy with how it came out.  Here's Bill doing some modeling for me again:

I also finished another Claire hat (in KnitPicks Biggo in Bamboo Heather this time), but it is currently blocking so I do not have a current picture to show.  All I have is this early progress shot:

It is a super chunky yarn, so it knit up very quickly.  It seems a little on the big side though.  The pattern called for US 10s, and I went down to 8s, but it's still a little large.  Or maybe my head is just tiny... but I don't think that is the case.  I don't mind the results though.  It's not so big that it falls off and it has a nice slouch to it.  I'll post a picture as soon as it drys.

Not a bad week for finishing things... Next up on the needles is the All About Love Shawl I think.