first outing with the new camera!

So this morning we decided to go out for breakfast. Wait, let's back up a few days. I got a new camera! Ok, so after said breakfast we decided to take said camera to the beach to see what it could do. We pull onto the road that leads to the Salisbury beach reservation and see a bunch of cars pulled over. I thought for a second that I had missed the sign up for the awesome 5k that runs up and down this road (which by the way if you are looking for a scenic VERY flat 5k check out the one they run here), but noticed everyone was out of their cars on the side of the water taking pictures of something. Annmarie has a small thing with seagulls (not nearly as loud of a thing as with turkeys or "small horses," you know, "Hobbit horses," or Shetland ponies for all you equestrian type science teachers) and while walking over to the group said "it looks like it's just a fat seagull." Little did we know it wasn't just any fat seagull, it was a Snowy owl type fat seagull. Which is not a seagull at all, but in fact was a Snowy owl. There were 4 that we saw. Two of the we caught with the new rig and two we left to remember unaided. 

After I came down from my day dream of how I was going to spend my newly earned fortune as the next photographer for National Geographic, we got gas, found out the art supply store was closed, got gelato in Metheun ( very much recommended) went to Hannaford (where I was forbidden to use the small cart) and came home. I just finished running and eating banana bread...pretty good start to February.