Breakfast Buffets (The Story of a Weekend Away)

Some call February the month of love, some call it the middle of winter, some take to the slopes while others play scrabble trying to sneak "f@&#this" past the rules to count for points. St. Valentine now employs cupid to shoot love dart into the butts of unsuspecting passer-bys.  Those who continue in romantical bliss celebrate over dinner, while some dust off the old funeral shirt and tie to fulfill the responsibility Hallmark created in days past. While everyone is scrambling for flowers and chocolate they may forget a tradition started 36 years ago on the very eve of this glorious day of love. A tradition of lights and fanfare, lavish parties and exquisite foodstuffs from all reaches of the world; breads with sauce and cheese, frozen chocolate cream on top of pastry heavily frosted with sugary spread, ales from the mountain springs of Milwaukee; my birthday.

To make a tremendously long story short, we went to Vermont.

We pushed the Focus to her limits on the back roads of Woodstock to visit Billings farm. A sleigh ride, tour, meetup with a horse, sheep, a butter churning machine, and the creepiest mannequin of all time rounded out a very good day.

Took the Kancamangus to the BBQ place and in bed by 9.  A+ overall, very nice work Annmarie, thank you. -Bill