Rhinebeck (a bit belated)

How am I supposed to see through all this?

This post is a little belated, but I did make it out to Rhinebeck for the very first time this year.  Bill, R, and I braved the Webs bus trip (it was kind of a bummer that there were no seats left together on any of the busses so we all had to sit separately).  Two hour drive to Webs and then 3ish hours on the bus made for a very long trek, but I did enjoy my time at the festival.  I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of stuff to see and do and touch and buy.  I tried to be moderately  restrained in my purchasing, but with sooooo much available it was very difficult.  

I ended up coming home with a collection of treasures:

I had to drag myself away from the Socks That Rock booth... I could have bought everything there!!