Open, Studio's, Open

Star Log: 10:17, August 3, 2013

After trying on 3 T shirts, debating on showering before or after, explaining why Khaki pants are specifically for business casual, free white mocha coffee, enlarging the ozone hole by breaking a little Styrofoam,  we have finished painting, moving, and building everything. So, come and sit on the couch because this puppy is ready for some foster parents.

How's that for grammar?  

331 is open. We have spinning wheels, orange tic tacs, sharp objects, and just about everything else we need to get rolling with this tractor trailer project of artistic creativity and overall mental cleansing.

I'm really writing to thank all of our family and friends who stopped in to check the place out and remind us of how nice it feels to have a back up team. So thank you, I hope you enjoyed the Chex Mix there will be plenty whenever you want to stop by!

(we also have a coffee maker) 

Hooked on Phonics worked for me, bill.